Conroy Lighting Provides Quality Outdoor Lighting To Accent Your Property Properly.

What We Do

High End Lighting Fixtures

We create beautiful lighting landscapes using quality fixtures. 

Fixture Maintenance

We provide excellent service and maintenance to our clients.

Beautiful Design

Our installation process is design focused to give you the best possible layouts to accent your property. 

About Conroy Lighting

With over 25 years of experience in the professional landscape industry, Conroy Landscaping has successfully provided quality lawn and landscape services with a customer guarantee in satisfaction.

Over the years our crew have provided multiple landscape services for our customer base which is based on the Main Line and Delaware County region of Philadelphia. We’ve also serviced clients in NJ and Delaware and will travel for some larger projects as well. Today, Conroy Landscaping is managed by a great group of trained professionals who take care of the day to day landscaping services that our company provides.

Over the last few years our landscaping company started to incorporate low voltage landscape lighting systems into our planting designs. This gave us a way to accent the landscapes of our customer’s property after the sun would go done. After receiving so many compliments on our completed landscape lighting installations. Conroy Lighting, as an extension of Conroy Landscaping was created to fill the requests. The “ah-ha” moment to create this new company came after a compliment for our lighting systems, that we were a fickle client who works long hours said to us, “I’ve never come home from work to see my home look so beautiful.” We knew then to make the move into the lighting business. 

As we started to learn more about how low voltage LED lighting systems could change the overall aspect of our final landscape designs. Our company invested in learning all aspects of LED lights, how to professionally install them and how to design with them. The final results to our customer’s homes have been amazing.

Dan Conroy and his staff have maintained a superior level in all things in the field of professional landscape lighting ever since. Dan and crew pride themselves through their knowledge of products, use and their ability to highlight any landscape. Today, Conroy Lighting is installing and maintaining some of the most exquisite lighting designs in the Philadelphia Metro area. Dan and crew provide top services, guarantee their work, and are edger to get started on your design. 


Outdoor lighting promotes safety.  Move with ease around your property at night.


Outdoor lighting provides a deterrent for all unwanted guests.  


Outdoor lighting accents your landscapes. Leaving your neighbors jealous. 


Our lighting features are made up of only the best quality fixtures. 


We also offer yearly maintenance packages. Protect your lighting investment.

Commercial Property

Let us help you figure out how to light your Commercial Properties. 

What People are Saying! 

“Dan did a great job. Responded and sent pricing quickly. He set up sample lighting which allowed me to see exactly how the configuration would look. Install was prompt & efficient, left no trace in the yard /cleaned up, etc. Great service & delivery.”

Jack Scholz

Only the Best


The Power of Light

Nothing has a greater effect on the comfort of an individual than the quality of light. Think about how you feel when approaching a dark house compared to how you feel when entering the property of a beautifully illuminated home. 

The Art of Design

A lighting designer recognizes the power of light and creates a scene where the viewer is an active participant in the scene.

Setting the Scene

A scene presents a cohesive panorama framed by the borders of the property. Awesome lighting displays the beauty of the landscape and highlights the architectural features of the building. 

Have a question? Well, ask it! 

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